Lisa Parker who is she? and where she came from?

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Lisa Parker's passions in life has always been drawing and nature so it was inevitable she was either going to work with nature or draw it. Lisa started in pastels originally, then moving into watercolours. It was while working in a picture framers that Lisa met Mick Cawston, he declared that Lisa's style would be better suited to oils, he then insisted from that day on that Lisa take her sketch book where ever she went. Lisa and Mick sketched everywhere whether they where in a pub, in the mud watching deer, with there easels wedged in the river mud. Lisa joined a horse drawing group where she met, Colin Allbrook, Barry Peckham and Malcome Coward she learned so much from watching such well established watercolour and oil artists drawing from life and she attributes most of her success to them.

When Lisa Parker started her passion It was a real struggle for her to make a living with painting, She worked an 8 hour day and then stubbornly painted 4 hours per day, every day, determined to improve her technique.

Lisa did a variety of jobs, picture framing, oil painting demonstrations and even building shop displays. Lisa's passion for nature was not neglected during this time, at weekends she was invited to draw inside the animal enclosures, whilst getting nipped by the Meercats!  Lisa would also volunteer at the local dogs trust so she was always surrounded by animals.

Lisa like most artist suffered the financial struggles associated with this choice of career. Oils are so expensive and exhibitions cost so much to put on, Lisa used to boil up what she could to make big soups enough, to last a few days, and spend many days staying up until early hours exhausted making printed bags often wondering if all this is worth it? 

Lisa Parker worked with Nemesis Now and was their original Artist which is where she learnt all about witchcraft and the true meaning of it, Lisa then got really interested in the magical side of things.

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